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How to Delete Documents and Data on iPhone

Just like “Other”, “Documents & Data” is taking up a large amount of disk space on your iPhone if you use the apps very much. It becomes quite annoying when you don’t know how to release more storage to install new apps or upgrade to new iOS version, especially when the available storage of your iPhone is not enough.

Before you figure out a way to get rid of documents and data from your iPhone, you need to understand what really is “Document & Data”.

What is “Documents & Data” on iPhone

Document & Data on iPhone are junks files, browser history, cookies, logs, caches of photos and videos, download files, database and document files stored by your apps. You’ll notice that some apps while being very small themselves have accumulated a lot of data. An example of this is shown in the image below, you see that the Facebook app is 109 MB whereas the Documents & Data stored is 1.2 GB. This 1.2 GB is what goes into your “Other” data.

Facebook App on iPhone

How to check the “Documents & Data” of one app

Each app contains some document and data more or less. And we just care about the large app with lots of Documents and Data. Go to Settings--> General--> Storage & iCloud Usage--> Manage Storage--> App Name and click to check the “Documents & Data”.

iPhone whatsapp storage

Three ways to Delete Documents and Data from an iPhone

1. Delete the Documents and Data inside the app

Most apps provide the functions to delete document and cache data in the app settings. Such as Youtube --> Settings--> PRIVACY--> Clear watch history and Clear search history. But you can't delete document and cache data in settings in some apps. Such as WhatsApp and Messenger, you need access each chat conversation to delete those media files, or remove the whole chat conversation to release those document and data. And other apps, you need check the download files in the app, such as Spotify.

2. Delete and reinstall apps

When you need to release the document and data from some apps. The fastest solution is to delete and then download the app from Appstore again. But once you delete the app, some useful documents and data will be unrecoverable. So I suggest that you can make an iTunes/iCloud backup for the Whole iPhone data. Then export some important document files from the special apps from iTunes or iCloud backup with the third-party tool.

After the backup has completed, tap an app you want to remove and tap Delete App, if you want to reuse these apps, just go to Appstore and reinstall them on your device.

3. Use the third-party software to do the whole things

Many iPhone users choose the second solution to delete Documents and Data on their apps, but uninstalling and reinstalling the app is not the best option sometimes. There is a risk that it may delete some important document and data you need. With the help of CleanMyPhone(Now is iPhone Cleaner), you can backup all document and data and then delete the documents and data on iPhone without deleting the app itself.

Before clearing out Documents & Data from your device, you need to download and install CleanMyPhone(Now is iPhone Cleaner) to resolve this problem.

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Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer and run iPhone cleaner on your PC/Mac;

Step 2: Click the One-Click-Copy tab to backup your iPhone data;

backup iPhone data


Step 3: If you are using the old iOS version, choose the App Cleaner tab and click the start button, it will start scanning.

clear iPhone cache file


Step 4: After the scanning has completed, Remove documents and data from your iPhone by clicking the Arrow.

Remove Documents and Data with CleanMyPhone

Step 5: If you are using the new iOS version, choose the Privacy Clean tab and click the start button, it will start scanning.

clear iPhone privacy file

Step 6: After the scanning has completed, click "Remove all selected items" to complete the clean up process.



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