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Audio Book

Are you fond of books but getting tired by reading eBooks on your iPhone, iPod, Kindle or MP3 Player? And looking for some complementary way to read your favorite eBooks? Audio Book has brought the solution for you. This app allows its users to convert any eBooks into audio form and then listen from iPhone or MP3 player. It requires only few clicks on your Mac device and listens to audio books when you are crafting, sleeping or doing other works. >>User Guide

  • Version: 1.8.3
    File size: 2.45MB
    OS: Mac OS X 10.6/10.7/10.8/10.9/10.10/10.11/10.12/10.13

  • Feature 1

    Enjoy the Experience of Audiobooks on Your Device

    After a daily hectic schedule, you must need some relaxation. Audio Book is an excellent way where you can listen to your favorite eBooks on your iPhone or MP3 player. This is why most of the people re-prefer to listen to audiobooks instead of reading eBooks. Fireebok Audio Book gives the facility to the users to convert their eBooks into audiobooks. Then they can listen on their iOS devices and MP3 player.

    Audio Book generates speech using natural and clear sound voices. It makes easy to hear and understand each and every words. Not only that, users can enjoy a variety of voices which includes 50 accents and 38 different languages.

    Supported input format: PDF(.pdf), EPUB(.epub), RTF(.rtf), TXT(.txt), HTML(.html)
    Supported output format: MP3(.mp3), AIFF(.aiff)

  • Feature 2

    Convert eBooks Purchased from iBook into Audiobooks

    Have purchased several eBooks from Apple’s iBooks store but could not make time to read those? No need to read them anymore, just listen to them on your iOS device or MP3 player. Audio Book comes with the ability to loads and lists every book in iBooks automatically. You just need to select an eBook that you want to listen. Then select the voice and language and click on the Convert button.

    Audio Book allows you to sync your audiobooks to iTunes library. The steps you need to follow for that are right click on them and from the given options you choose to Show in Finder, Play (in iTunes), Add item(s) to iTunes Library or Delete.

  • Feature 3

    Get Benefits for People of All Ages and All Types

    To put life into child’s reading experience, parents prefer audiobooks but over the internet they do not get whatever they want all the times. Audio Book puts an end on their searching by converting any eBooks to audiobooks. Audiobooks helps your children to understand the words on the page in more expressive way.

    Many schools, colleges, and training institutes use audio book. It converts any online text to speech that saves the time and effort of teachers in creating materials.

    People who are visually impaired and also the elder people with low eyesight love to listening audiobooks instead of reading printed or eBooks. Using Audio Book, it’s very easy to create an eBook in few minutes and then listen to iOS or MP3 player.

  • Feature 4

    Save Your Money and Time, More Joy Everywhere

    A subscription to Audible is a good investment but every month you have to pay for it. Users, who purchase license of Audio book, get life time technical support and free updates. Also Audio Book gives you the facility to listen to online magazine, blogs, long emails etc. You will also get the facility to create an audiobook and can share it with others.