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CleanMyPhone Title

CleanMyPhone is a ingeniously simple and powerful application that will help you keep your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch clean and running smoothly. It includes useful tools such as Disk Manager, App Cleaner, Removal of Document & Data, Find Large Files, One-Click-Copy and more. >>Softpedia's review

  • Version: 1.0.5
    File size: 7.15MB
    Operating system: Mac OS X 10.7/10.8/10.9

The best app to keep your iOS device clean and organized

CleanMyPhone Main Interface
  • Disk Manager

    Configure, Organize and Manage Files & Apps on Your iOS Device

    Disk Manager of CleanMyPhone helps to configure, organize and manage files & apps on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The disk space will be categorized as iOS system partition and user data partition, the user data partition contains photos, music, videos, books, user apps, system apps and user data.

    After the scan of your iOS device is completed, you can find out what exactly takes up your disk space. The files and apps are marked with different colors by disk usage, you can easily export, delete unneeded files, or export and uninstall unnecessary apps from your device.

  • App Cleaner

    Reclaim Storage Space and Keep Your iDevice Running Smoothly

    At the end of the scanning process, CleanMyPhone will display the Document & Data, App Cache, App Cookies and App Junk Files produced by your apps, photos, videos etc. These temporary and useless files are affecting your device's performance.

    With the help of the App Cleaner, you are allowed to gain more disk space by removing the useless files, which are affecting your device’s performance.

  • Find Large Files

    Quickly Find out and Clean up Large Files on the Disk Space

    Over time, large files like music files, videos, database files will build up on your drive and take up space needed for important files. By removing those large files occupied a large chunk of space on your iOS device, your OS device will run more quickly and smoothly.

    In order to filter the large files exactly, you’re allowed to customize the size of the large files. Once the scan is completed, CleanMyPhone will find out all targeted files and remove them to free up space.

  • One Click Copy

    One Click to Backup the Vital Data on Your iPhone, iPad or iPod

    One-Click-Copy keeps copies of some important things on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, including camera roll, photo library, music, contacts, notes, reminders and other important data. You can select a backup period and revisit your iDevice as it appeared in the past.

    Before creating a backup of your device, you can select the file type you want to make a copy via the switch button. By clicking the Scan button, the most important content on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch gets backed up.

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