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3 ways to remove “inProgress” Time Machine backup

When Time Machine start to prepare the backup, it will create a inProgress file under ~/Backups.backdb/~/filedate.inProgress. When we open it with right click with "Show Package content", it contains some plist file and log file. They are used to record the backup information about backup file location and log. Once the backup process has finished, Time Machine will remove this file. But if the backup failed, the inProgress file will stay.

When we remove it by moving to Trash, the deletion progress doesn't work after a long time. How to fix this? This article provide 3 ways to remove “inProgress” Time Machine backup.

inProgress Time Machine backup

1. Use Better Trash

Better Trash is a Trash Assistant application that allows you to force empty trash, secure delete file and auto empty Trash.

a. Run Better Trash and select Secure Delete in product menu.

remove inProgress Time Machine backup

b. Choose the .inProgress file to delete.

delete inProgress Time Machine backup

Download Better Trash here.

2. Use Command Tool

We can use tmutil tool to delete time backups. But since tmutil was introduced with Lion, this will not work on earlier OS versions.

a. Open

b. You can use the following command (tmutil delete inProgresspath)

delete inProgress Time Machine backup

3. Use Time Machine

Another way we can use Time Machine to delete it. Find the Time Machine Menu Bar icon on your computer

a. Enter Time Machine

b. Access the .inProgress location in Finder

c. Right click on the file

d. Select "Delete All Backups of fileName.inProgress"

mac starup disk is full

Then everything is done



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