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How to transfer all photos from iPhone to Windows 10

If you have lots of photos on an iPhone, but want to put them on a Windows 10 computer, there is a way to do this. First, a simple method is to sync up your iPhone to your Windows 10 computer. This ensures the photos automatically transfer between the two devices, but it must be set up in advance.

Syncing is done by using a USB to Lightning cable and doing it wired, as this is much faster than doing it wirelessly. However, you can do it wirelessly if you prefer. It can also be done via the Cloud.

One method is to do it via Windows File Explorer

You first have to install iTune onto the computer with Windows 10. This lets you talk between the iPhone and the PC. Then, plug in your Lighting to USB cable and open Windows File Explorer.

File Explorer

The iPhone should be visible as a drive on the PC, so you will next double click onto the drive it represents. Then, open Internal Storage and DCIM to see your photos. Just left click onto the photos you want to transfer to the Windows 10 computer.

file explorer import photo

Next, copy the photo files onto the PC into whatever folder you like, or just place them on the Desktop so you can find them faster. Then you will now have all of the photos you desire moved from your iPhone to the WIN 10 computer in just a few steps.

Another method is to do it via Windows Photos app

Trust your iPhone with this computer, open Photos app and click "Import" button to find iPhone device.

windows photos import

Select your iPhone photos in Photos to import your computer, or click "Clear" to de-select photos.

select import windows photos

How to import Photo Stream and Photo library from iPhone to your Windows computer?

With File Explorer and Windows Photos app, you will import photos from iPhone Camera Roll, not Photo Stream and Photo library. So If you want to import the whole iPhone photos to your Windows computer, the third party transfer app tool will help you.

Download Clean MyPhone, and run it.


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Run CleanMyPhone, Click "Photo" to enter the photo section.

select import windows photos

Click "Export All" button to import all your iPhone photos to Windows computer.

export phototo computer



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