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How to permanently erase files and folders from usb drive on mac?

External USB drives and cloud drives are the two most commonly used storage devices in the world. Compared with the cloud drive, external USB drive does not need to rely on the network, and sometimes it is more convenient. When we need to remove some important privacy data from the USB drive on Mac , there is no Safe Delete menu item to delete them in the Finder. we don't want to those deleted data could be recovered by some data recovery software. If you ever concerned about this case, this article will provide two solutions to permanently erase files and folder in the usb drive on your Mac.

1. Safely Erase the entire USB drive

The most common way is that we can erase the entire disk, if we don't need the all data in the usb drive. We use Disk Utility to erase the volume or disk in macOS.

a). Connect your USB drive with the Mac computer, then run Disk (/~Applications/Utilities)

b). Select the USB drive in the left window in Disk Utility, and click Erase button at the top of the window.

safe erase the usb drive in mac

c). Click "Security Options..." button and drag the slider to Most Secure

safe erase the usb drive in mac

d). Click the Ok button, then click Erase button. Wait for it to end.

2. Safely Erase files and folders from USB Drive

Another way we use PowerSuite to erase the selected files or folders, it use the US DOD 35 pass standard to overwrite before deleting.

a). Download and install PowerSuite on your Mac.

b). Select the Eraser feature in the left window.

erase files and folder from the usb drive in mac

c). Click the "Select files/ folders..." button to choose the file or folder you want to safely delete from the USB drive.



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