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How to fix WhatsApp doesn't restore medias from the backup?

Recently we received a feedback that WhatsApp photos and videos disappeared after restoring WhatsApp, and all the media come up as question marks in the chats. Have you ever encountered the similar case when you using WhatsApp. Before we start to restore those WhatsApp media and fix the issue, we need to know the reason.

restore whatsapp media question mark

Reason 1 : Different version

When you replace your old iPhone with new iPhone, it may happened after restoring from the old backup when your iPhone and new iPhone are running the different iOS version, because the whatsApp media files storage locations are different in some different iOS version. You can check your iOS version under Settings -> General -> About ->Version

Another solution, restoring from the backup with the different WhatsApp version may produces the issue. WhatsApp database fields changes sometimes in the different WhatsApp version, it may produces an error during the database parsing process. Check your WhatsApp version here: WhatsApp Settings -> Help

Reason 2 : Turn on iCloud Drive and WhatsApp

If you need restore the WhatsApp data from the backup, make sure you have turned on WhatsApp backup in iCloud Drive. Or your WhatsApp data will not be backup in iCloud backup.

The first step would be to set up iCloud Drive on your iOS device following the steps: Go to Settings -> Apple ID[your name] -> Tap iCloud -> Swipe to turn on iCloud Drive.

After iCloud Drive has been enabled, Swipe to turn on WhatsApp to make a backup of your WhatsApp chats and media

How to recover the WhatsApp media in the case?

WhatsApp doesn't provide any similar solution to fix the issue. Here we recommend the third party application -- WhatsApp Pocket, a WhatsApp backup, extract and recover app tool for resolving WhatsApp issue. If the media has downloaded in your iPhone, but the WhatsApp doesn't display or the pictures and videos are just question mark thumbnails in chat. You can use WhatsApp Pocket to scan the iPhone device, you can find all WhatsApp media files in the software after the scanning has completed. Or you can use WhatsApp Pocket to extract all media files from iCloud backup or iTunes backup directly. Here are the detail steps to scan the iPhone device with WhatsApp Pocket

1. Download WhatsApp Pocket Application on your computer, make sure the computer has installed iTunes.

WhatsApp Icon 150x150

  • WhatsApp Pocket
    Chat WhatsApp messager, Extract and recover WhatsApp message from iPhone, iTunes and iCloud backup.

    For Windows & Mac OS X
  • Download for PCDownload for Mac

    2. Connect your iPhone with the computer, and run WhatsApp Pocket. Choose your iPhone device under iOS Devices tab

    restore WhatsApp media data on iPhone

    3. After the scanning has completed, all your WhatsApp chats,contacts ,media files will be listed in WhatsApp Pocket. You can save them on the computer.

    restore WhatsApp media data on iPhone

    4. Or you can find all media files under WhatsApp Media tab.

    restore WhatsApp media on iPhone


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