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How to fix iPhone XS MaX can't show in iTunes?

Some iPhone users feedback that when they connect the iPhone XS Max to a computer, for some reason, the iPhone XS Max icon cannot be displayed on iTunes. But other early iPhone devices can be recognized by iTunes. How to solve this problem?

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max require a Mac running at least OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 or later and iTunes 12.8 or later to sync and back up with iTunes. First make your computer OS and iTunes version compatible with iPhone XS Max devices.

How to fix iPhone XS MaX can't show in iTunes?

1. Trust this computer

If your iPhone XS Mac is the first time to connect with the computer, and be sure to tap on "Trust this computer" on your iPhone or iPad when connecting

2. Check iPhone connection

Simply unplug/reconnect your iPhone or iPad and check again. Or change another USB cable and have a try.

3. Reinstall the latest iTunes on your computer

New iTunes for Mac is 12.8, and the windows version is 12.9. Here is the download page for iTunes

You don't need to remove the current iTunes installation, just download and install new iTunes on your computer, it will over your current installation. And you’ll get a prompt “A software update is required to connect to this iPhone X Max,” click Install.

4. Deactivate security software.

If you are using the security software on your computer, temporarily disable it and firewall programs and have a try once more.

5. Change to Another computer.

Try connecting your device to another computer. If you have the same issue on another computer, contact Apple Support

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