A guide about how to use Photo Exifer

Fireebok Photo Exifer is a practical Mac OS X application that allows you to add, edit and remove photo meta data including exif,tiff,iptc and gps information and supports batch operation. It supports the photos from your iOS device, Photo camera and local computer. First download Fireebok Photo Exifer demo version on your computer.

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    Batch Edit the Exif Data, GPS data and other metadata from photo

    For Mac OS X

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When you open .dmg file, please drag & drop Photo Exifer.app to /Applications to complete the installation.

install photo exifer

Note: The guide will show you how to change the date of photo, edit and remove exif data, add and edit gps data, batch process metadata and more.


Part 1: Remove exif, gps, iptc and other metadata.

A digital camera records a lot of information, such as the location of the photo, camera mode and more. If you worry about the privacy of photos, Photo Exifer will help you to remove these metadata information from photos.

First, run Photo Exifer on your computer and import the photos from the computer or connect your iPhone and camera. Choose the photos that you want to remove the metadata, and click the Quick Action button. It will pop-up the menu to remove the exif data, tiff data, gps data, iptc data and more.


Remove exif, gps, iptc and other metadata from photo

Part 2: Change the date information of your photo

Sometimes when you take photos with a camera, but the date of all photos are not right. Or the created date is different from the original date of photo on the computer. In order to better manage these photos, you need to modify those date information. Photo Exifer can deal with this problem more better. It just need one click to complete the operation.

Choose the photos that you want to modify the created date to the original date, and click the Quick Action button, then choose the "Copy exif date to the create date" menu item.

change the create date of the photo

If you want to change the original date of photo, choose the "Edit date info" menu item. It will pop-up the change date window. It provides two ways to change the camera date information.

change the camera date of the photo

solution 1:

You can use this function to add or subtract time intervals to the selected photos, such as years, months, days, hours and more. And you need to calculate the difference between the source date and the target date. Then set the difference value to Years, Months, Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds.

With solution 2:

The function is to set the same date/time to the all selected photos.

With solution 3:

This feature is suitable for processing a large number of photos in the same time interval. If you take a lot of photos on the trip, the dates of all the photos are not correct. This feature will solve this problem perfectly.

1. Import all your travel photos into Photo Exifer

2. Select left photos to batch change date, click the Quick Action button, then choose the "Edit date info" menu item.

3. Choose a photo which you remember the real shoot date from the selected photos on the left

4. Reset the real time in the After section, then other selected photos will change the date based on the time difference from this photo.

5. Click Save changes

that you remember the real date to reset the date. The other selected photos will change the date based on the time difference from the photo.


Part 3: Add and edit GPS information to your photo

Most of the photos taken by the digital camera does not contain GPS information. If you want to add the location tag where did the photo shoot? Photo Exifer supports to add a GPS information to the photos. After importing the photos to Photo Exifer, selected the photos and click the Quick Action button , then choose "Add GPS info" or "Edit GPS info" menu.

change gps of the photo

It will pop-up the gps window, you need to input the data of the altitude, latitude and longitude, you can preview the gps location with "preview in Map" before saving the information.

Part 4: Edit the Exif data and copyright information of the photo

Photo Exifer can edit the exif data and copyright information of the photo, it supports the artist tag, image Description tag, Copyright tag, keywords tag, user comments tag and more.

Selected photos on the left window, and click "Edi Exif data" button. It will display the edit window on the right, then you can edit the general information, camera information and gps information. After the information has changed over, click "Apply" butto to save.

edit exif data of photo

If you need to keep many photos with the same copyright information and exif data, you can save the information with a template file with "Save as template" button. Then use "Export/Import" function to import the template files to the other photos in next time.

Part 5: Export and import metadata info from/ to the selected photos

Photo Exifer allow you to export the exif data, tiff data and other metadata to the plist file. so you can view, copy and edit those metadata data on the computer. Click "Export/Import" button to export the exif data, tiff data, exif& tiff and all metadata to the computer.

export and import photo exif and gps

Using the import function, you can copy the information saved in the plist file to the metadata of the selected photo in Photo Exifer.

Part 6: Download and edit the photos from iPhone, Camera and the computer

Photo Exifer supports the photos from iPhone device, Camera and local computer. It support many photo types including the raw photo format including: ORF, ARW, 3FR, RW2, DNG, RAF, MRW, PEF, CRW, SRF, SR2, SRW, NEF, RAW, DCR and more. When you connect the iPhone device and camera with the USB cable, and click "Camera Photo" button. It will pop-up the camera window, then click "Open Device" button to access the camera photo.

download and edit the photos exif from iPhone, Camera

Then it will display all photos of the camera, you can download photos from the camera or import the camera photos to Photo Exifer.

Part7: Clear the photos on the left for the new start

When you have completed all operations for the imported photos, and you can clear the imported photos on the left for the next new start. Right click the left view, choose Clear all photos...

Clear the photos on the left

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